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Subject: Hello.
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xexmx 17.06.10 - 02:32pm
Welcome to Em-piks i am Emily best known as Emz ,glad to see you've joind my group, Please add Topics if you wish as the group is for users, im going to try getting some music in topics - hopefully- *

reanu 14.08.10 - 01:41am
God u r an angel. . Huh . Very pretty *

lusypher 14.08.10 - 04:59pm
Hello, emz my gorgeous friend ive uploaded so items for you to aprove, i hope you like them my dear. How are you today ? hug.GIF xx *

xexmx 15.08.10 - 12:11am
Thank you lusypher,the uploads are great. im good ta, hope your having a nice weekend *

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