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Subject: What you hate
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xexmx 24.09.08 - 09:59am
What kinda stuff do u hate.ie cirtn foods old drivers mouthy teens etc

shamsung 6.10.08 - 01:29am
Grrr them OAP drivers! Arghhh! Especialy the ones that have a cushion on the seat coz they can hardly see over the wheel! If they drove any slower they'd be goin backwards! Lol! And thats jus a lil of my hate on them! Pmpl! *

capcom88 5.11.08 - 04:16am
I don't hate anything lol *

h0tc4r 25.12.08 - 12:13pm
I Hate The Tax Man lmao.GIF Robbin a*sehole :(

emz.x 17.01.09 - 07:40pm
Hahaha,lmao h0tc4r,funi sad n true d thevin gits lmao.GIF *

no1tom 25.01.10 - 01:23pm
i hate kim lol emz don't tell her Fkin moody b***h at times *

xexmx 26.01.10 - 06:49pm
hehe.GIF im sure she isnt that bad tom, me kym a luvly lass *

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