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Subject: Recomend a Group
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emz.x 18.01.09 - 01:40am
Heres your chance to recomend yours or a friends wap group smile.GIF just write them in and il edit the link. CLICK THE YELLOW WRITING AND AWAY YE GO .LOL X http://aBudsNightmare.wapgroups.com aBudsNightmare my other group no fluffy stuff if you like darkness n creepy goth etc join up x *

emz.x 26.01.09 - 11:11pm
http://visionorvoid.wapgroups.com Visionervoid- a great group (owner kute-lez/mieliki) full of links n downloads gd for any metal/alternitve fans . *

xexmx 19.04.09 - 09:55am
http://Davieslocker.wapgroups.com Davieslocker,a group for storing n swapin smilies.emz.x owner

lew15d 31.01.10 - 07:44am
http://YourMP3s.wapgroups.com YourMP3s
My group is a FREE music download service. You can download the latest music, and best of all, you can request music that you want. There are no hidden charges. There are FREE images and videos to download too. So far, YourMP3s has 1300+ members, and the group is still growing. *

lusypher 12.08.10 - 09:33am
http://HALLOWEENFOREVER.wapgroups.com halloweenforeverHi em ive just joined your group ive got a couple of my own why dont you come and pay a visit to mine sometime its called HALLOWEENFOREVER its got quite afew piks in em all to do with hallows fall. Lusypher x *

xexmx 14.08.10 - 12:39am
http://metal-mayhem.wapgroups.com Metal-Mayhem a group for all Metalheads n rockers.pics n mp3 music n bands Owned by xmextalx Aka Richie join up n enjoy rocker.GIF *

xexmx 19.08.10 - 02:44pm
http://Mrdavid.wapgroups.com Mrdavid a group packd with full track music n requests why not join n take a look *

abbasi93 26.07.11 - 05:50am
Pls join my group decent-relationship_wapgroup.com *

panney 11.09.12 - 10:01am
TV ,CD,she maleS etc plez c*m an join my group panneystranneys *

prash 26.03.13 - 09:21am
I want to join *

aimal 14.08.13 - 05:21am
If YOU are interasted in Education Join Aimal Online School the best group of Aimal. *

warded 30.10.17 - 03:08am
expiredrpgs = video games, rpg - http:////prodigits.co.uk/groups/?sid=&gid=87837 https *

warded 8.05.18 - 04:40pm
Nintendo 3DS groups/games/nintendo *

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