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Subject: Links.
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emz.x 21.01.09 - 12:41pm
Ive started to add some links to other wapsites and web addresses to get free downloads,if u know of any let me know and il add them.thanks *

xexmx 27.11.09 - 06:24pm
Wapnext is a free download site mp3s games vids piks n more just click the yellow link to go http://wapnext.com/ wapnext *

xexmx 27.11.09 - 06:28pm
Fank.mobi another gr http://fank.mobi/main/ fankmobieat free download
Site got everythng games vidios themes full Mp3s n more.

xexmx 22.01.10 - 08:13am
Feel free to add links to the group *

xexmx 22.01.10 - 08:18am
Dollzmainia they have several sites but 1 u can pik a moving pcture n add your name etc to it link up in links lmao *

lew15d 30.01.10 - 09:16pm
http://ri.ms/mysite S60v5 - This is a WAP site created by me. I offer FREE music downloads, and also FREE Symbian S60 downloads for both S60v5 and S60v3 device's. Please bookmark the site and check back for more updates. *

xexmx 2.03.10 - 05:22pm
http://devilshellhole.co.uk devilzhellhole is the New chat n Free download site, games, mp3, applications,screensavers,wallpapers, game nites etc. What u waiting 4 join up *

xexmx 6.07.11 - 09:50pm
vampyre's network , in links The chat n picture site for vampyres , werewolves ghosts n goblins lol *

tamanna3 9.01.12 - 06:51am
Hey Sorry to just drop in but I like to invite you to my chatsite/forum/online tribe game Downloads/Fileshare we need pretty girls and lovely guys like you And I garentee you that you be treated like a king/ queen if you intrested please join http://wapwarz.skycity.co.za/v2


kstar82 15.03.12 - 12:40pm
FUN FREE 18+ CHAT COME JOIN US rebaliwap.co.uk is a free web and wap social networking chat site. It's friendly and fun with some gr8 feature, chatrooms , downloads,games and more.rebaliwap.co.uk the cool way to chat , get flirty and/or simply make new friends on your mobile or pc *

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